Without trust, you have no customers

According to Contractor Nation, referrals are more influential in driving potential customers to your contracting / building website site than anything a contractor/builder can post online.

While photos and videos of the project are great, they are not enough to convince someone to pick up the phone and call.


75% of prospective customers are asking friends and reading reviews online before even picking up the phone to call you.

Once they do call you, half of the prospective customers are still shopping and researching options after the phone call.


5 ways to build trust with prospective customers

Your business should be in a position to build trust with prospective customers before they even reach out to you. It’s as simple as the words used on your social media platforms and website, down to the support you provide within the community. Here are 5 ways to build trust with prospective customers.

Be Responsive

When a potential customer reaches out for a job, chances are they sent inquiries to other contractors, too. One of the best ways to land the job and earn a customer’s satisfaction is to be responsive to their inquiries, questions and special needs. If you cannot answer the phone immediately, have someone return a message and let them know whether or not you can take more jobs on. I continue to see negative reviews on social sites just because a contractor is not responsive. Your prospective customers want to hear from you!


How many prospective customers have you lost because you simply did not follow up after you provided a quote? Since you never followed-up, numerous. Customers are still shopping after the quote and have many questions. By showing an interest in following up to answer questions you are telling your prospective customers that you have great customer service. Follow up within 48 hours and don’t be surprised if you have to reach out multiple times, be persistent and patient.

Satisfying Customer Expectations

Customers are the life and blood to keeping your doors open. Satisfying customers’ expectations, both explicit and hidden, is the crucial determinant of business success in driving sales and growing the business. Expectations occur at every customer interaction, whether that’s communicating with them over the phone before the job starts, cleaning up once it’s finished, dealing with kids or pets, or the daily slog of getting the work done. Continually seek ways to improve the level of customer satisfaction you provide. What things could you improve to amaze your customers?

Before Photos

Your prospective customers value the photos of your work. They love the pretty photos. However, they struggle with their current situation and may not be able to visualize how they can get their dreams to be a reality. Sharing photos, or even videos, of the before and after allow your prospective customers to see the transformation that occurred and allows them great ability to visualize their current situation.

Video Testimonials

While you are on-site with a client, ASK them for a review and testimonial of their current project. This adds incredible value and trust to your business. Why do this on site? How many times has a customer say they will provide a review and never follows up. By doing this onsite you are in the moment and able to capture the client’s excitement about your work. They will also share their thoughts and experience about working with you. That excitement, that emotion, is what helps prospective customers build trust with you.