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Similar to how some people are good with numbers and others are better with words, skills associated with business do not come naturally to all people. In truth, it is quite rare to have a natural proficiency for business and sales. Simply put, business skills are learned and developed. Through individual or group coaching sessions, professionals expand their skill sets and set a track for continued growth and success with programs tailored for personal performance. In individual coaching sessions, business owners and professionals meet one-on-one with Coach Steve to define goals, identify strategies for achieving those goals, and learn the skills necessary to grow their client base and advance their careers. In group coaching sessions, Steve tailors the content for each group. Groups are often made up of coworkers and colleagues, industry association chapters, clubs and shared-interest groups, networking organizations, and individuals who are looking for options other than one-on-one coaching. Topics for the coaching sessions are covered through 5, implementable core modules that provide the tools, insights and methods to answer those tough questions first, by adjusting your processes and thinking to grow sales and profits more quickly and efficiently:
The most successful people and organizations in the world are intensely Goal Oriented. They have a clear picture of what they want and are focused single-mindedly on achieving it.


Gain Power through Clarity: Establishing a foundation, crystalizing a vision, strategic planning, bench marking & measuring, constraint analysis and more


Increase your Effectiveness: Increase productivity, zero based thinking, Occam’s Razor, delegation, the Parthenon Principle and more


Grow your Business: Turbo-charge marketing, increase revenue, branding power, strategic business units and more


Superstar Selling: Get more ideal prospects, solution selling, overcoming objections, closing more sales and more


Effective Leadership: Taking responsibility, mission vision values & purpose, strategic thinking, execution and more

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As your business coach, I have a wide range of solid business skills that I will draw upon to assist you in building a road map to higher levels of achievement.