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FocalPoint is “The Elite Coaching Organization that has transformed the lives of business owners for the past 20 years.” When you work with FocalPoint‘s certified coach, Stephen Doyle Jr, you are assured that Stephen has been trained by the best, has years of business experience, access to the most effective, pro-active coaching curriculums, as well as the ability to call upon the experience and expertise of hundreds of industry experts. Stephen Doyle Jr., is an expert in process, leadership, and business development. He has 20 years of experience leading product, process and employee development programs, productivity enhancements, and strategic business planning. He’s traveled globally, assisting companies in strengthening their product portfolio while improving quality and productivity. Throughout Steve’s career he has enjoyed promoting professional development through dynamic speaking engagements. His experience and passion provide outstanding value to his clients. Steve firmly believes that to drive business leaders and their organizations to be Better, we do it Together, and we start making that impact Today! Steve has presented at various organizations through-out his career which include the American Foundry Society, Women of Color STEM Conference, The University of Michigan and various organizations throughout the globe. Steve focus is on leadership and business development. The goal is to provide attendees with relevant material that may be implemented immediately to improve leadership and business results.  Simply put, these engagements help to open each participant’s eyes about their untapped potential. These speaking engagements can run from 30 minutes to 8 hours, which are customized to the audience.
The most successful people and organizations in the world are intensely Goal Oriented. They have a clear picture of what they want and are focused single-mindedly on achieving it.

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