Behavioral Assessments

Our Approach to Behavioral Assessments

Behavioral Assessments are powerful analytic tools that help managers to turbocharge business performance by enhancing communication, better-utilizing team members, hiring better and increasing engagement. These assessments help people reveal the HOW, the WHAT and the WHY behind what they do. The solutions can only be created by understanding the strengths and opportunities of business operations and interactions. Through a range of performance analyses assessments offered by Coach Steve, business leaders are able to understand how they behave around other people and how to better work with other peoples’ behavior patterns. By understanding your behavior styles and those of your employees, you can learn to adapt your style of communication for more successful interactions. Assessment tools can also help business owners look at a team and identify how they operate, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and where gaps may exist.

Success Insight Behavioral Assessments

  • 360 Survey
  • Emotional Quotient
  • Excellence for Learning
  • Management Staff
  • Piav
  • Sales Report
  • Sales Skills Index
  • Task Quotient
  • Team Behavioral Report
  • Work Environment
  • Workplace Motivators
  • Workplace Stress
“Today, you are paid for accomplishments, not activities. You are paid for outcomes rather than for inputs or the number of hours you work. Rewards are determined by the quality and quantity of results that you achieve. This opens up the unlimited opportunity for the creative few who recognize and capitalize on this shift.”
Peter Drucker

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