Financial Assessments

Our Approach to Financial Assessments

Assist our clients to quantify their gap, which in turn allows us to tangibly predict and track their progress. FocalPoint Finance offers five tools that help businesses quantify where they’re at, where they should be and offer strategies to meet their goals

Industry Benchmark Report

financial and key performance metrics by industry code, geography and sales volume

Comparative Benchmark Report

The Industry Benchmark Report with your company’s data compared to the benchmark, including identifying is your company is in the top 10% or bottom 10% with tips to close the gap.

Narrative Benchmark Report

The comparative report converted into plain English and graphs and additional industry analysis

Projections Report

5-10 year projections of your business based on your company’s recent past history, include the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, industry analysis and a valuation based on cash flows.

Brokers Opinion of Value

Report used by many business brokers to determine what your business would be worth if sold to a 3rd party, using 3 different valuation methods.

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